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Great ideas don't sell themselves.

Combine your great idea with great communication to secure investors, customers and supporters.

Benefit One

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?


Benefit Two

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

Benefit Three

What does your product offer that will improve or solve a problem?

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Go-getters are always launching something in life...
whether it's a career, a product or an idea. But often times, they get stuck in the uncertainty of the next step or don't have a clear game plan for making it happen. Launch Youniversity turns go-getters into difference makers by showing them proven practices and principles to get their ideas off the ground. 

We're a team of mentors answering a calling to help leaders leverage their influence and tap into unused potential. We want to steward our experiences to invest in emerging influencers who are ready to launch an idea, product or business, but they're unsure of how to connect their passion with opportunity. 

We want to help you discover what it takes to turn good intentions into reality in your career, business and life. Give us the honor and pleasure of helping you.  Enroll in Elevator Pitch today.
We’ve all heard the adage, "A good idea sells itself."  The only problem with this is it isn’t true, and we can prove it to you. 
Have you ever endured a boring presentation?  

Not only were you bored, but chances are a great idea got buried in bad communication.  As a result, we’ll never know what could have been.

You have a good idea, but your idea won't sell itself.

A great idea poorly communicated is a stalled idea.

A great idea poorly communicated is also an unfunded and unsupported idea.

Here’s the harsh reality:

Bad communication is often the graveyard of great ideas.

You likely talk to friends, family members and colleagues all day.  Sharing your idea with someone else should be easy, but it’s not.

Communicating our ideas doesn’t come easy for most of us.

Part of the reason for this is we spend most of our time developing our idea and far less time developing the communication of our idea.  Another reason is we’ve simply never been taught how to properly communicate our idea.

That’s why we created Elevator Pitch.  We believe your idea needs to see the light of day.  We believe your idea needs to gain momentum.  Here’s why this is so important:

A Great Idea + Great Communication = Momentum

Think of it this way:  If you had an opportunity to ride up an elevator with a potential investor in your idea, what would you say?  How would you craft your pitch?  What’s their next step?  And don’t forget, it’s a short elevator ride.  You have to communicate your idea quickly and effectively.

Use minimum words to get maximum results.

Elevator Pitch is an online, workshop-style course guiding you through a proven process designed to shape, hone and sharpen your pitch and presentation.

You can craft a short, effective message that will help your idea gain momentum.

The Course

Elevator Pitch is an online, workshop-style video course that guides you through proven methods to shape, hone and sharpen your message and polish your delivery. It includes a printable, digital workbook with exercises providing the step-by-step directions and the writing space you need to develop your pitch as you go. 

Following the process outlined in Elevator Pitch, you’ll have crafted your pitch in approximately four hours. How could a stronger, clearer message impact your next presentation, sales call or team meeting? Make your next presentation your best presentation with Elevator Pitch.

  1. Introduction: Going Up
  2. Three Elements of an Elevator Pitch
  3. Stage 1: Defining the Problem
  4. Stage 2: Introducing the Solution — Part 1
  5. Stage 2: Introducing the Solution — Part 2
  6. Stage 3: Delivering the Payoff
  7. Delivery Tip 1: Game Plan for Game Day
  8. Delivery Tip 2: Practice & Evaluate
  9. Delivery Tip 3: Dress The Part
  10. Delivery Tip 4: Tailor To Your Audience
  11. Conclusion: This Is Your Floor

The Sessions

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